If you want to provide the best possible experience for those using your washroom, then why not take a look at one of our most popular washroom vending machines? The Multivend can provide up to 9 product choices, therefore providing an ideal solution for all kinds of installations.

The Multivend is an ideal solution for customers and employees in hotels, gyms, shopping centres, airports, stations, leisure centres and more. It can be wall-mounted and configured to dispense a wide range of leading brand name consumables, including breath fresheners, toothpaste and toothbrushes, chewing gum, tights and painkillers. What you choose depends entirely on the kind of business you run and who uses your washroom on a daily basis, but rest assured we can help you stock it in accordance with your exact needs. That’s what makes it such a popular purchase for our customers.

Price, coin and product changes can be reprogrammed using a simple internal keyboard. The unit has a digital display which indicates price, availability, stock levels and service requirements, making it very easy to keep on top of things. Contemporary and stylish in design, the Multivend is available in a variety of ­finishes – ABS plastic, epoxy white steel and robust painted silver steel. The Multivend is also fully configurable and can be customised to suit your specific market requirements. So why not add one to your washroom to provide an extra special experience for your staff and guests?


 Secure electronic operation
 6 or 10 button option
 Configurable shelves – can be configured to vend nappies
 Vends leading brand named products
 Up to 9 product choices
 Easy price – coin and product change
Out of stock indicator
Accepts up to 12 different coins
Configurable for any currency and languages
Does not provide change – coin return if empty
Self-contained – no mains wiring
Long life battery power
1 year warranty
Can be customised with company logos
Special design for Nappy multivend (ABS white)
Available in white ABS
Grey and white steel

Product Information

This vending machine dispenser has secure electronic operation, making it an ideal option in a wide range of washrooms. Whether you have just the one washroom for members of staff or are managing a large number across a range of properties, this vending machine will help you to make a great impression in every single one. You can choose between a 6 or 10 button option too, making it even more customisable.

Perfect for Baby Changing

If you have a baby change washroom on your business premises, then we’re pleased to let you know that the configurable shelves in this machine can be configured to vend nappies. So you can provide a washroom space that parents and carers know that they can fall back on if they run out of spare nappies or don’t have any to hand.

Stock Branded Products

You will be pleased to know that this machine vends leading brand named products. We all fall back on the brands that we know and trust and having those reputable products available will full those who use your washroom with confidence. Whether they need some pain relief or want some help freshening up, then will be able to purchase the products that they already use at home.

Unrivalled Choice

As a business owner, you don’t need us to tell you that offering your customers and staff as much choice has possible is so important. This vending machine dispense can hold up to 9 product choices, allowing you to please as wide a demographic as possible. In washrooms where you have a variety of people coming and going, that extensive range of products will be truly invaluable.

Easy Restocking

Stocking this vending machine dispenser really couldn’t be any easier thanks to the easy price, coin and product change. The handy out of stock indicator also means that you can see at a glance what needs replenishing and what is most popular with your customers or staff. With the ability to stock more than one of the same product in those nine choices, you can really key into what those using your washroom are looking for.

Accepts a Wide Range of Currencies

As one of our most in demand washroom vending machines, this model accepts up to 12 different coins – so no matter what change someone has, they will be able to purchase the products that you are looking for. If you are looking for vending machines to use across an international range of washrooms, then you’ll love that this is configurable for any currency and languages. This machine does not provide change, and a coin will be returned if a product is empty, posing no inconvenience to the customer.

Easy to Install

This vending machine really couldn’t be any easier to install. It is totally self-contained, with no mains wiring. So there is no need to worry about finding an additional power source in your washroom. It also has long life battery power. Once it is up and running (and that won’t take long at all) you can leave it to run with minimal worry. The long life battery also makes it a very cost effective option, as it won’t send your energy bills through the roof.

Perfect for Any Washroom

This vending machine has a 1 year warranty. It can also be customised with company logos, has an anti-vandalism feature to prevent theft and damage, and as we mentioned before, it can be further customised with a special design for nappy multi-vend (ABS white). As well as being available in white ABS, it can also be purchased in grey and white steel. So no matter what look you are trying to go for in your washroom, this vending machine will fit in just perfectly.