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A full range of advanced, eco-friendly washroom supplies products, guaranteed to help you control costs while ensuring you never run out of supplies.


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Keeping your toilet paper and hand towels in one easy to reach place is essential for the smooth running of any public washroom. Here at Hygieneco Washrooms, we have experience dealing with a large range of clients. Whether your business is big or small, we’ll be able to help you contain your janitorial cleaning supplies so that they are easy for individuals to access and use. Whether you are looking for a toilet paper dispenser, paper towel machine or toilet paper roll holder, you’ll find the products that you are looking for right here at the washroom specialists customers trust.

A Washroom Essential

A paper roll dispenser is an essential in a washroom, whether yours is just open to your staff or a large number of customers and guests. It makes a washroom so much easier and pleasant to use, and makes a cubicle look a great deal more tidy and welcoming. In addition to our single roll holder, we also provide a double toilet paper holder. This is ideal for washrooms with a large amount of people coming back and forth.

Hand Towel Dispensers

The same goes for a hand paper dispenser. People in the washroom will be able to quickly dry their hands and then be on their way, making their time using your washroom that much simpler and straightforward. Here you’ll find a full range of advanced, eco-friendly washroom supplies products, guaranteed to help you control costs while ensuring you never run out of supplies.

Built to Last

When you invest in products from Hygieneco Washrooms, you can be sure that they are built to last. We only work with manufacturers who share our passion for quality, and all of our products are made from strong, durable materials that are suited to washroom use. They are all easy to clean as well – which of course will be a priority for you. To put it simply, these products can stand up to plenty of use, making them perfect for even the busiest washrooms.

A Company with a Conscience

We know that many of our clients are becoming more mindful of their impact on the environment, and that’s why we’ve been working to boost our own green credentials too. We’ve done our best to only work with manufacturers who are environmentally friendly, creating a green supply chain. So when you invest in a hand paper dispenser or one of our other products, you can be sure that you are doing your bit for the planet too.

Easy Installation

Whether you invest in a paper hand towel dispenser or a toilet roll holder, you can count on receiving a product that is easy to install. All of our dispensers and toiler paper holders come with clear instructions so that you can go ahead and fit them with total peace of mind. If you have any questions about how to install one of our products, then remember we are always at the end of the phone to offer advice. That’s why clients know that they can rely on us.

We’re Here to Help

Remember, we’re here to answer any questions you may have, whether they’re regarding your paper towel dispenser or your upcoming service appointment. Our advisors are here to give you all the information that you need, so that you can go on to invest in a paper dispenser for toilet rolls or hand towels with 100% confidence.

Prima Paper Towel Dispenser Chrome

Prima Paper Towel Dispenser Designer

Prima Paper Towel Dispenser White

Toilet Roll Holder Chrome

Toilet Roll Holder Designer

Toilet Roll Holder White