White Sanitary Bag Holder

If you are looking for a new sanitary bag holder for your washroom, then this could be the perfect product for you. This is a discreet modesty bag dispenser that is perfect for the easy disposal of feminine hygiene personal waste, and it’s made to work perfectly with our feminine hygiene bins. Designed for installation alongside Hygieneco Sanitary Bins, the Sanitary Bag Holder White makes a caring statement to the end user while aiding service and promoting maximum hygiene. Those using your washroom will be able to dispose of their used feminine hygiene products safely and discreetly, making it a space where everyone is welcome.

If you purchase this holder, you can look forward to an easy, stress-free installation thanks to the simple design and our expert advice. The Sanitary Bag Holder White is simply installed via a screw and/or adhesive pad, and has been designed for single bag dispensing to help control consumable costs.  The dispenser is available in white or chrome, so you will be able to choose one that fits perfectly into your washroom space.


 Easy removal cover for operator convenience and speed of service
 Enhances the image of any washroom environment
 Discreet design
 Works with sanitary bins to reduce sanitary waste
 Makes a caring statement for your staff and customers
 Fully serviced by Hygieneco
Available in white and chrome
Enhances the image of any washroom environment
Makes a ‘caring’ statement to the end user
Prevents the waste adhering to the flap
Prevents soiling of the flap
Uses security key, accessed by Hygieneco personnel

Product Information

Easy removal cover for operator convenience and speed of service. The smooth running of a washroom is essential to the continued success of a business, and our sanitary bag holder in white can be serviced so easily. So those using your bathroom won’t experience any delays, leading to less inconvenience for them and peace of mind for you.

Improves the Image of Your Washroom

This sanitary bag holder enhances the image of any washroom environment, and makes a caring statement for your staff and customers. It’s incredibly reassuring for women to see that there is a way to dispose of their feminine waste that is safe, quick and hygienic. You’ll quickly make a name for yourself as a business that really thinks about the needs of its female staff and guests.

Discreetly Designed

When it comes to disposing of feminine hygiene waste, women are looking for products that offer them privacy and discretion. You’ll show that you have taken their wishes into account with this sanitary bag holder. Its discreet design allows them to quickly obtain a bag for their waste, and then dispose of it quickly in an accompanying bin. You’ll have done your bit to make their experience that little simpler and stress-free.

Prevents Blocked Drains

Waste that isn’t disposed of properly can cost you time and money, and could even lead to you having to temporarily close your washroom. This bag holder works with sanitary bins to reduce the amount of sanitary waste that is flushed down the toilet or left in a washroom stall. So there will be no blockages or unsightly and unhygienic mess to deal with, making your washroom much more pleasant to use for everyone.

Fully Serviced by Us

As is the case with the majority of our washroom products, this bag holder is fully serviced by Hygieneco. We will visit you to service your washroom when it suits you, at a time that won’t disturb the smooth running of your business. Our team work quickly and efficiently, getting the job done in no time at all. It uses a security key, so it can be accessed by Hygieneco personnel and then be securely locked again to prevent any tampering.

Looks Great in Any Washroom

It can be challenging to create a sleek, stylish washroom that looks great but meets the needs of everyone using it too. We kept that challenge in mind when putting together our selection of washroom products. This bag holder is available in understated white and modern chrome, so it will seamlessly blend into your washroom space. It can also be matched to the bin, allowing you to create a put together look in each washroom stall.

Show That You Care

Whether you are designing a washroom for the first time or giving your existing washroom space a revamp, your goal is going to be for every person to walk in and feel welcome. This sanitary bag holder in white does exactly that, and enhances the image of any washroom environment. It also makes a ‘caring’ statement to the end user, showing that yours is a business that people can trust. It’s the little things like this that can all add up and help you to build a great reputation with staff and guests alike.

Easy, Hygienic Waste Disposal

If you add a sanitary bag holder to your washroom, you’ll find that it’s much easier to maintain standards of great hygiene. Using this bag holder prevents the waste adhering to the flap, and also prevents soiling of the flap. So your washroom stalls will be in much better order, and will be much more pleasant for everyone to use. It’s no wonder this sanitary bag holder in white is one of the most popular products on our site.