Available in 2 sizes from 15 – 23 litres to suit all washroom cubicle sizes
 Slim line/sleek design to fit any washroom
 Designer finish in black and chrome to enhance any washroom
 Hygieneco Hands Free Sanitary Bin with a magic eye offering a quicker hygiene solution
 Front opening provide an easy fitting option into washroom cubicles without restricting space
 Antimicrobial chute and flap which kills germs on contact and stops their transmission
 Fully serviced by Hygieneco Personnel
 Service schedules to fit your business needs
 Dimensions 510mm (w) 550mm (h) x 160 mm

Product Information

Your number one priority is that your washrooms are welcoming to everyone. This sleek and modern sanitary bin provides a hygienic, no-touch way to dispose of feminine hygiene products safely. Made with care from high quality materials, it’s one of our most popular automatic bin products. The automatic opening means that cross contamination is greatly reduced, helping you to keep your washroom clean and safe for everyone to use. Whether you’re upgrading your existing bins or starting with an automatic model, one of these black and chrome automatic sanitary bins will be the perfect addition to your washroom.

  • Dimensions 510mm (w) 550mm (h) x 160 mm

A Bin for Every Washroom

No two washrooms are the same, and every cubicle has different dimensions and floor space. That’s why you can choose from different sizes when it comes to buy automatic sanitary bin. This bin is available in 2 sizes from 15 – 23 litres to suit all washroom cubicle sizes. So no matter the amount of space you are working with, you will be able to pick a bin that fits into your cubicles perfectly.

A Sleek, Modern Design

Finding the right sanitary waste disposal solution is vital if you want your washroom to look as professional and welcoming as possible. The slim line/sleek design of our automatic sanitary bin allows it to fit into any washroom. So no matter the existing finish of the space, the designer finish in black and chrome is perfectly able to enhance any washroom. That’s why they are such a popular option for our customers.

The More Hygienic Option

A hands-free sanitary waste disposal bin is always the more hygienic option, as there is always a much lower risk of cross-contamination and the spread of any harmful bugs or bacteria. That’s why when it comes to a sanitary bin automatic is the way to go! Our Hygieneco Hands Free Sanitary Bin is fitted with a magic eye sensor, offering a quicker and safer hygiene solution. This automatic bin is so easy to use though, and anyone looking to dispose of their sanitary products will find it simple to get to grips with.

Space Saving

In some washrooms, space is something of a premium. Many people don’t invest in solutions such as sanitary waste bins because they think that they don’t have the room for them. That doesn’t have to be the case though. Here at Hygieneco Washrooms, we have a number of space-saving washroom solutions, so no matter the size of your washroom you will be able to equip it. The front opening of this automatic bin provides an easy fitting option into your washroom cubicles, without restricting space. So women using the washroom will be able to dispose of their sanitary products with ease, even in the smallest cubicles.

Helps to Stop the Spread of Bacteria

It’s so important to maintain cleanliness in a washroom, and poorly designed sanitary bins can render all of your other efforts useless. That’s where our superior automatic bin comes in! In addition to the hands-free opening, it also has an antimicrobial chute and flap which kills germs on contact and stops their transmission. So no matter how many women are using your washroom on a daily basis, any germs will be stopped in their tracks – making it a space that everyone is safe to use.

Serviced by Us

Fully serviced by Hygieneco Personnel. You can also choose service schedules to fit your business needs, so the servicing of your washroom will not interfere with the day to day running of your company. We’re here to work around you, so do get in touch with our team to arrange a servicing appointment that’s most convenient for you and your business.

Get in Touch

Remember, we are here to deal with any of your queries.  A member of our friendly, knowledgeable team will be able to answer your questions and give you all the information that you need to invest in an automatic sanitary bin with confidence. We know that every client and every washroom is different, and we will work with you to ensure that you proceed with the right sanitary waste disposal system for you. That’s why we’re the experts businesses trust!