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Whether it’s a new facility, you’re having a refurb or maybe looking to change your existing hand drying appliances – there are a wide variety of hand drying options to choose from for your washrooms.

Things to Consider

It’s important not to rush into buying what might seem like the cheapest, easiest option straight away. There are several things to take into account before making a decision to ensure that your hand dryers will fulfil the needs of your facilities now and in the foreseeable future.

Maybe you will need to look at something ultra-quiet in order to suit the property conditions or you could be wanting a more eco-friendly option to fall in line with your company ethos and promote a more sustainable business model? No matter what your requirements, there are a number of great quality options available to suit you.

Your Premises

The best hand dryer’s for an upscale office for example could be very different to those needed in a children’s play centre. What type of premises are the washroom hand dryers for?

  • Restaurant, bar or café
  • Offices
  • Gym / sports facility
  • Nursery, school, college, university
  • Hotel
  • Warehouse
  • Factory

Current Hand Drying Facilities

If you are looking to renovate, replace or upgrade your existing hand drying appliances then look at the reasons why.

What are you currently using?

Paper towels, air or maybe cloth roll hand dryers?

Why is this not working for you?

Maybe they are old, expensive, too noisy, not effective or unhygienic.

What are you trying to achieve?

Are you trying to save money? Be eco-friendlier? Reduce noise?

Your Washrooms

Your washroom facilities themselves can help determine or rule out hand dryers based on some important factors;


Are you limited on how much space you have? Do you need something small? Does it matter if the person’s hands need to be placed in vertically or horizontally to dry?

Frequency of Use

Are your facilities going to be in frequent use? There is a big difference between a hand dryer suited to a quiet office with a few members of staff to a busy bar or restaurant with large numbers of customers using them constantly for hours every day and night.


This is something most premises needn’t worry about but for hospitals wards where patients sleep or for schools where the loud noise of an air hand dryer can scare some young children then sound can be an important factor.

The Best Hand Dryer for Your Washrooms

Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing hand drying methods or install new ones our professional and reliable experts can help you to decide which appliances are best suited to your needs.

No matter the type of business, the washrooms themselves or your budget – Hygieneco have the perfect air hand dryers for you with fantastic high speed, eco and low noise versions available.

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