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Choosing the best washroom hand dryers for your premises can be an overwhelming and confusing prospect due to the sheer volume of models on the market. It is important that you take the time to properly consider everything before going ahead to ensure that you make the right choice and that the end results are long lasting, cost effective hand drying solutions for your organisation.

Here are some tips and things to consider when choosing hand dryers for your premises.


Most people would prefer to spend no more than they absolutely have to wherever possible but there has to be a balance between quality and cost. Just buying the cheapest hand dryers you can find might seem like a great way to save money but will likely result in a substandard product that will break often and need replacing after just a short time.

There is some great quality, affordable hand drying solutions on the market so just be sure to do your research so that what you buy lines up with your facilities requirements. This might include factoring in things like energy savings where eco models may be priced higher but you save money in the long term from the lower energy costs.


This will depend a lot on the type of business or premises you are buying for, how many people will use the washroom facilities and how often. A large office, busy restaurant or pub, for example, will need to accommodate large volumes of people for several hours a day and will, therefore, require a sturdy and robust dryer.

If your washrooms are open to the public or customers especially in bars, pubs and clubs then they can be subject to rough treatment. Be sure to check the warranty and have it handy in the event that something happens and you need it fixed or replacing.

Energy Use

Most organisations nowadays need to be aware of their carbon footprint and make the effort to reduce this where possible to be eco-friendlier. The more powerful dryers are quite often more energy efficient and have a shorter operating time due to how quickly they dry hands. Also, hand dryers with sensors that automatically cut off when the hands move away eliminate wasted energy and help deliver an eco-friendly solution.


This might not be relevant to all premises but for some it can be important that people are able to dry their hands quickly and efficiently. Not only will more powerful appliances dry people’s hands faster but the quicker dry time means that less energy is used, so more power doesn’t add up to more energy used as some people may expect.


With a quieter dryer you are likely to have to compromise on power but this can be a necessity in certain places where noise needs to be kept to a minimum. This can include places like hospitals and health facilities that have patients who need to be able to rest and sleep without being disturbed by the constant loud noise of hand dryers.


Some organisations may not give a second thought to what their hand dryers will look like or the types available but for certain industries and facilities this can be one of the most important factors.

Schools, nurseries, play facilities and locations frequented by children for example may benefit from specially adapted children’s hand dryers that are available in a range of shapes and sizes as well as colourful cartoon designs.

Smart offices and high end restaurants might prefer the appearance of sleek chrome dryers that will fit in with their upscale restroom facilities.

The Best Hand Dryer for Your Washrooms

Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing hand drying methods or are to install new ones, our professional advisors can help you to decide which appliances will best fit your requirements.

No matter the type of organisation, the style facilities or budget – Hygieneco have the perfect air hand dryers for you.


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